"As people of faith we are asking the question: how can we be stewards of the earth and tackle urgent problems like climate change while also addressing equity issues? Solar on our churches is one great way to start."

"Watching the natural disaster of the storm, and then the unnatural disaster of the racism and xenophobia and classism that followed, really concretized in my mind the deep connection between those two things..."

“Our ancestors knew what it was to need not symbolic, but real liberation. For us it feels like Juneteenth is, and always has been a time of celebration, but this mixing of the joy and the pain and the struggle and the celebration, that is what Juneteenth is, and if you only do one, you miss the other,”

“We live in a world where a lot of things are separated into separate boxes, and I kind of ignore some of those boxes and do what I feel called to do."

" I see my ecological work as the evolution of the work I’ve done to think about making life sustainable for everyone. How are we paying attention to the most marginalized and left-out?"